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Wrexham Bowmen Celebrate Record-Breaking Achievements

Paul Davies

28 Jul 2023

Record-Breaking Triumphs: Wrexham Bowmen's Archers Shine in 2023!

Throughout this year, members of Wrexham Bowmen have been achieving outstanding results in archery, setting new records within the North Wales Archery Society. Their remarkable accomplishments have taken place at various record status events across the country.

We are delighted to announce the names of the talented archers who have made these achievements possible:

Paul Davies, who now holds the Gents Double WA70 record

Rebecca Lopuc, who proudly holds the Ladies Western 40 record

Martha Harrison, the impressive holder of the Junior Western 30 record

Bill Robertson, who has set the new standard for the Gents Western 50 record

Wrexham Bowmen has a lot to be proud of, as these records reflect the dedication and skill of their members.

Congratulations to all these archers for their hard work and dedication in reaching such heights in the world of archery. We look forward to seeing more great performances from this exceptional team in the future!

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