Recurve Classifications

Archery Classifications may be gained and Archery GB produces classification tables for both Imperial and Metric rounds. These tables define score levels for each round which denote a corresponding skill level that archers can achieve.

There are 6 classification levels: 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Bowman (BM), Master Bowman (MB) and Grand Master Bowman (GMB). 

The highest two, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman, can only be obtained from scores shot at record status competitions. Achieving Bowman puts you in the top 15% of UK archers, Master Bowman in the top 4% and Grand Master Bowman in the top 1%.You will need to shoot 3 scores at a particular level to be awarded that classification. Once you attain a certain classification, you can never go back and claim a lower classification. You can hold different classifications for different bow types.

The tables for achieving classifications for recurve rounds (Ladies/Gents), showing the required scores for each round to achieve a set level, are set out below (Updated April 2014)